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Church History

    Nineteen families signed the register at a church formation meeting with the Reverend Malcolm Riker on November 25, 1985, and the first church service was held on December 8th of that year with 38 people present. The service was held in the offices of charter members Lloyde and Julia Parker.
    In November of 1986, the first service at 507 Pflugerville Loop (now 511 E. Pflugerville Parkway) was held in the living room of the newly purchased house. The members then resumed meeting at the Parker’s offices while renovations were being made to adapt the house into a church. By September of 1987 all church functions were being held in the present building.
    The first baptism occurred on September 11, 1986, the first confirmation (of 7 persons) took place October 4, 1987, the first wedding was on May 13, 1988, and the first Requiem Mass was said on June 3, 1988.
    After Father Riker retired from St. Paul's due to health problems in 1996, St. Paul’s had a series of priests and interims, among them the Reverends Michael Blewett, Tom King and Charlie Sumners. They each led St. Paul’s for a year or two, but then moved on to either larger churches or retirement. As is typical of small missions, the size of the membership grew and fell with the involvement and longevity of its clergy leadership, but a stalwart core held the church together and we have continued to serve God here even in the times without permanent clergy.
     Our previous vicar, Judith Jones came to St. Paul’s in September 2006.  She was a graduate of the Iona School for Ministry and was ordained to the priesthood by Bishop Dena Harrison on January 24, 2009.  Rev. Jones retired in September 2013. 

     At that time, Rev. Kelly Koonce joined the church as priest in charge.  He served in that capacity until July 2014.  At that time, we were fortunate to enjoin the services of the Rev. Dr. Eugenia Durham, who served as our Long Term Supply Priest until April 2016.

     Rev. Janne Osborne joined St. Paul's as our Long Term Supply Priest in May 2016. She is the Associate Rector Emerita from St. Michael's Episcopal Church Austin from where she retired and serves as Chaplain to Retired Clergy for the Diocese of Texas which covers the Austin to Waco area.

    The church is growing and exciting things are happening here as we serve God and the people of Pflugerville. We hope that you will join us in continuing the history of Christ’s people in this place!